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Another of the hardest areas to keep clean in a home or office are the air ducts.  Despite popular belief; airducts do get dusty and filled with unwanted debris.  They need to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent spores from piling up.  Pile up eventually leads to health problems among those who use or benefit from the use of air conditioning.

For home use, airduct cleaning might not be necessary with the same frequency as with an office use.  The sensibility of people with health issues or conditions play an important role on how often to clean the airducts.  Therefore, the best way to go about is to have them cleaned by a professional.

With an air duct cleaning service any accumulation of dust, mold, mildew or unwanted fauna will be successfully removed.  For people who are susceptible to disease, have health conditions, are children or elderly, this also means a smaller chance for them to get sick or their conditions worsened. 

How often do I need to have them cleaned?

While airducts are not exposed to the same causes of fabric staining, they do have their own needs and requirements.  On average, any airduct should be cleaned at least once a year. . . Once every two years tops.

Of course, this is a ball-park figure. The frequency in which you will need an airduct cleaning service depends on a variety of factors.  These factors can conclude that air duct cleaning should be done at a sooner or later date.

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