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Mold and mildew are among the hardest things to remove when cleaning or recovering from a water damage incident.   Mold and mildew form on virtually anything that has been exposed to humidity.  It will form on leather shoes just the same as on canvas ones like tennis shoes.  If it is left unattended, it will rot electrical wiring and can cause a short circuit and a fire.

It can also stain metal in a way that is virtually permanent.  Mold and mildew also release a funky smell  that comes from the spores that released in in the air.   When mold or mildew are present on “removable” objects, popular advice is to discard the tainted item and replace it.  While it is the simplest solution, it is often very pricey. 

Most of us see a mold or mildew burst in our home and dismiss it as a small and petty thing.  “In time, it will dry and the problem will go away” is what we tell ourselves.  It is then that we take our store purchased cleaner and “remove” the problem.  Without knowing we are making the problem worse because we let it stay hidden to the naked eye and we continue to expose ourselves and our family to the spores and disease that mold and mildew cause.

Then what to do?

Mold and mildew might not infect your family or loved ones immediately, but they are one of the biggest sources of asthma attacks and triggers in the world.  In addition, they can leave respiratory problems and cause respiratory conditions that will never correct.  Even if you use repeatedly cleaning products or even paint over the spot of the mold or mildew, the point of problem remains.

To successfully get rid of the problem that mold and mildew cause, the first and more important thing is to call professionals such as the Carpet Cleaning Professionals.  With proper materials, tools and chemicals they will be able to remove both mold and mildew without a trace.  

If you are experiencing water damage, we can also help with that.  Give us a call!