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Having pets is one of life’s greatest joys.  By having pets, humans increase their life span as they reduce the levels of stress they are live under.  However, just like humans, pets stain and leave scents on the stuff they come in contact with.  It does not matter if they are fish or a dog. . .

In the case of cats and dogs, responsible and caring pet owners take them on daily walks.  This means that they are walk through mud and wet smog in the sidewalks and on street crossings.  Other times, they will drag mud from the garden as they walk in the house.  It might be not necessarily the pet but the owner who drags the dirt inside upon returning from a walkie!

Regardless of the culprit, the reason or the source for the pet stain.  Most pet stains “disappear” when you vacuum them or run a wet cloth over them; but in truth they remain there, though just not as strong.  They are just invisible to the human eye,  and will remain a source of bacteria and ailments until they are properly removed

Having the odor of your pet removed from your fabrics can be done with ease.  Any pet can get used to a clean environment and in consequence, seek to have their own habitat clean.  This, in turn will help with any training you have or are currently undergoing with your friend.  Of course, this does not limit itself to furry friends.  People who enjoy the company of birds that are normally left outside to fly about inside the house should also clean any pet stains.

What about the odor?

Regardless of the type of pet, all pets produce a smell.  In the specific case of pets that are contained in fishtanks and that do not roam around the home freely, their odor is somewhat limited to the fishtank where they live and the proximity to it.  Depending on their location, it might be necessary to have specialized and professional tile and grout cleaning for example.

Bathing your pets will, of course, reduce the odor they produce especially in the days previous to the bath; but in cases of the furniture, carpets and other areas where they frequently hang out, a more deep cleaning might be necessary.


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