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Tiles look wonderful.  They can dress up any room and they can also make it easy to clean.  Tiles are laid down with grout between them.  The grout gets dirty with the passing of time and it can quickly turn black and contain many diseases.  Depending on the location of the tile, the grout -which is basically porous- will absorbe cleaning fluids, dirt and more.  If the tile is laid in the kitchen, the grout will absorbe smog and dirt from the food that is cooked there, laying a great place for cockroaches to live in.  That is when tile and grout cleaning come in.

If the tile instead is laid in the bathroom, then the grout will fill with bacteria and fungus, causing the grout to look moldy and to give a foul smell to the bathroom.  A smell that not even the strongest air sprays can get rid of.  

Grout that is dirty can be a source of physical problems and disease for everyone in your home.  

But there are many products that can help me clean it at the store…

Cleaning tiles and grout by yourself only cleans the “upper” part of the problem.  Even the toughest products that you can find in your local store will be able to clean just the surface of the grout and tile.  With time, the grout will turn black and there will be no other way than to replace them.

Or so they say. . . 

Call us and let us help you.  There might be an alternative for you to have clean, bacteria and disease free tiles without having to pay thousands to have the grout replaced.


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