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Water accidents happen all the time.  A faulty faucet or a problematic drain can cause an indoor flooding problem.  It could also be a consequence of someone leaving an open water faucet unattended.  As water free flows all over inside your home, naturally, the first thing is to stop the source of the water income.  Then to dry the spilled water.  This leaves one problem remaining, what to do with the damage that has been left behind by the water flood?

There is bound to be damage left after a flood, even if it is minor.  The size of damage will depend on what was involved.   For instance;  wooden floors can bloat and pop out from the lay they have on the concrete floor.  Tile floors can have problems with the grout since this is porous and in consequence it can store tiny amounts of water that will not be easily dried up and can be a petri dish for bacteria, mold and mildew.  

A similar occurrence happens with carpeting and rugs.  Carpets have an under carpet coat that provides insulation.  Traditionally this undercapet is made of wool, heavy cotton and in more recent years, a synthetic fabric that is fire retardant .  In all three cases, the under carpet coat is heavy and thick and is usually protected from small and regular liquid spills by the weaving of the carpet itself. 

Another problem comes from other fabric sources in the home that are not easily dried out:  Furniture such as dining room chairs, sofas, beds, and the like are also in problem when the water that caused the damage is sufficient in quantity.  

So, when I have a water flood, I should leave everything “as is”?


First, detect the source of the problem.  Is it an open window during heavy rain?  A busted water line?  A broken sewage drain? Once the source of the problem has been detected, the next step is to stop the water from flowing into the home.  If it is an open window, close it.  If it is a busted water line, shut the water down.

Then you will need to correct the problem.  If it is a busted water line or a broken sewage drain you might need to call a plumber.  At this point you can call a water damage specialist to help you restore your home so that you any expense you have to make in order to rehabilitate your house is done at a very low amount.

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